Anne is an American weaver who immigrated to France around the same time that I came to the US. I am fascinated by her designs and her deep understanding of the art of weaving. Anne’s grandmother was a weaver, and I suppose you could say that her artistry and passion for natural materials is woven into her DNA. Anne works closely with small villages in Thailand to produce her lines. She is a visionary who respects the heritage of her craft, and is truly an artist who has earned her place in our industry.

The Anne Corbiere collection starts from one very specific place: a passion for textiles. Add to that a love for color, texture, meeting people, travel, and a desire to respect other trades and talents (suppliers and artisans). She recycles every bit of yarn to which it is possible to give a second life. Shades, throws, sheers, upholstery, wall treatments and even fringe, the joy is in the combination of yarns, with structure, in collaboration with spinners and weavers from around the world.

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