Founded in Paris in 1908 by Ernest Charles, then succeeded by his son Émile-Albert, Charles Paris was initially specialized in “grand style” lighting. End of 50s Émile-Albert’s two sons, Jean and Jacques marked the first shift in the Maison’s style by brining innovation. In 1971 After Émile and two sons passed away, Jean’s wife, Chrystiane Charles took up the baton of the family owned Maison. The company had been handed down through four generations of a single family until 2001, Michael Wagner took over the company in that year to enrich it through collaborations with talented guest architects and designers who has known how to reinvent the spirit of “interior jewelry”. Today, Charles Paris is directed by the Beaufour-Lévy family who moves forward with the same passion to keep the legacy alive and to dare new creations designed with the excellence of craft savoir-faire.

Each piece is the work of a true master craftsman. Imagined, designed, poured, engraved, filed, polished, glazed, processed, degreased, varnished by talented craftsmen. A brilliant feat of craftsmanship carried out with the utmost care. Beyond time and style, quality excellence constitutes Charles’ main value.

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